Since 2013 Impact Hub and Siemens Stiftung have been collaborating on the Africa Seed Program with the aim of developing new Impact Hubs across the continent. Siemens has contributed to building locally driven, globally connected communities of social entrepreneurs and supportive infrastructure across Africa that may also serve as a delivery platform for Siemens Stiftung’s key programs in the region.

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The DOEN Foundation’s investment has enabled us to build and pioneer a unique regional value proposition. With their support, Impact Hubs in Africa are set to grow into a sustainable, locally embedded infrastructure for the impact ecosystem supporting hundreds, and soon thousands, of impact-driven entrepreneurs, startups, and small and growing business across Africa on their journey from idea to running operations and then to scaling their impact

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Impact Hub and Cordaid developed the Resilience Africa Program with the belief that entrepreneurs in complex contexts are incredibly res.ourceful and have immense potential. This potential lies not only in strengthening their own economies, civic societies and country systems, but also in contributing to the rest of the world with their ability to innovate, develop and grow prosperous businesses

Fellowship Program

Impact Hub Fellowship is a topic focused entrepreneurial award and one-year incubation program, designed to enable early stage entrepreneurs to realize their innovative ideas for a more sustainable world. Initiated at Impact Hub Zürich in 2011, Impact Hub Fellowship is since being scaled within in the Impact Hub network. Currently, the program operates in 6 countries across three continents. In Africa, Fellowship Programs were also run in Freetown, Sierra Leone and Bujumbura, Burundi. This topic-focused incubation program identified and selected 12 entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas and provided further support and seed funding to 6 most promising initiatives.

Research and Thought Leadership

Impact Hub and Cordaid convened a series of dialogues and events through 2015, starting in Kigali and Berlin, and culminating in the Re-Imagining Resilience Conference in Addis Ababa. These dialogues with entrepreneurs and thought leaders, sought to understand entrepreneurs' challenges and opportunities in different contexts and to develop a deeper understanding of what makes entrepreneurs “resilient” – what they need to thrive and what key services, support and interventions are critical in challenging environments.