Impact Hub is very proud to introduce Cordaid as our partner in Resilience Africa.


This is an amazing next step as Cordaid - a leading Dutch NGO with huge international presence - brings its valuable experience, expertise and resources to the table. We are really excited to see the power of partnership come into fruition. Cordaid builds flourishing communities in fragile contexts and (post-) conflict areas. This is accomplished through their social enterprise and financial innovation approach. Based in Den Haag, with offices in 11 countries, Cordaid’s main objective is to establish an ideal environment for entrepreneurs.

Through the support of entrepreneurs, economic impact can be realized in the most fragile countries in Africa. But entrepreneurs in these areas lack almost everything that is needed to transform their ideas into sustainable businesses. Creating economic opportunities in fragile countries is one of the cornerstones of the Cordaid approach. That is why Cordaid, together with Impact Hub, invests in creating new Impact Hubs. Cordaid will support the Impact Hubs by giving marketing advice and by coaching the entrepreneurs: “Resilient Business Development Services (RBDS)”.

Cordaid and Impact Hub share the belief that fragile states are incredibly resourceful and hold immense potential. This lies not only in strengthening their own economies, civic societies and country systems but also in contributing to the rest of the world with their ability to innovate, develop and grow prosperous businesses.

By combining Cordaid’s and Impact Hub’s expertise and experiences - with a focus on incubation, acceleration services and local entrepreneurial ecosystems - we look to jointly develop a unique pipeline of investment-ready ventures originating in Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya and Sierra Leone. This is with the hopes of attracting private & public investment capital into the target countries. Entrepreneurs/ventures will get access to inspirational education in forms of support and training from both Impact Hub and Cordaid. This engagement is an important step towards a functional civil society and newly-created companies will create further job opportunities - something sorely needed in Africa today.


With this united vision we look forward to collaborating with Cordaid to create long lasting support for social entrepreneurs and the space where innovation can truly flourish.