It is always good to start small. Grow and learn from your experiences, tweak your business and enjoy every part of your journey. This is exactly what Emi-Beth Quantson has done and today she is reaping the rewards. From winning awards and changing lives to doing what she enjoys, the Chartered Accountant is an inspiration to many.  What started as a thesis for a school project has become a lucrative business that employs many. Kawa  Moka  began by selling one cup of coffee a day but now has a wide range of products like smoothies, coffee and food that is delivered all over Accra.

Kawa Moka founder Emi-Beth Quantson (courtesy of Xose Kakane)

Humble beginnings and a slow start did not deter Emi-Beth. After leaving her good job and a promising career at PricewaterhouseCoopers, she focused on selling coffee full time. After some urging from her friends at Impact Hub Accra, Emi joined the team and opened her shop at the chic prime market premises. She has not looked back since. The business venture has become a social enterprise that employs women who find themselves excluded from Accra’s mainstream economy. This includes abused women, women in the legal aid system who are usually facing domestic strife or single mothers needing financial support and girls who are transitioning from High School to Tertiary education need some work experience

Kawa Moka Burgers

Fruit cocktails

Kawa Moka because it gives leeway to experiment with products and see which products people like.They have made meaningful partnerships and powerful synergies which are vital to staying relevant and building relationships with their largest customer base. The African-inspired space is truly Emi-beth’s pride and joy. As the enterprise scales to other parts of Ghana and ultimately West Africa, Kawa Moka is becoming synonymous with excellence and raising the bar in providing good coffee and introducing specialty brands from across the continent.

Kawa Moka contributes to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals SDGs through their work:


Jocelyn Nyaguse

Jocelyn Nyaguse

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