Communities, despite their differences share the same struggles as well as hopes and desires.The Sustainable Development Goals communicated to the world by the United Nations show us that our challenges are universal and they need a collective effort to effect change.On the 28th of November, Impact Hubs from all over the world held a global #GivingTuesday Mash Up centered around Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)17:Partnerships for the goals.

In the Mash Up ,the hubs addressed challenges and explored solutions in the local context of each Hub before tuning in to a keynote speech, which was live streamed at all participating locations. The keynote speech was followed by a Q&A session where the global audience shared their comments and questions with the speaker, Chrysula Weingar who is Senior Director for Communications & Special Initiatives at the United Nations Foundation and also leads the Global Moms Challenge.

A total of 9 hubs participated this year and among them were Impact Hub Madrid and Impact Hub Bamako. Impact Hub Madrid centered their Mash Up around collaboration. A round table was convened and among the participants was Fernando González Teijeiro, co-founder of NILASMIGAS, a mobile application that, based on geolocation, puts clients in contact with establishments that have food in perfect condition that has not found a final consumer. The enterprise looks to reduce food waste while also helping consumers access affordable food.Pablo Stürzer,co- founder of Farmidable,a new model for the distribution of local and seasonal products that connects local producers with consumers through distribution points in schools also had some nuggets to share. Farmidable also promotes values of natural and sustainable production, balanced diet and fair trade while investing in social impact projects.The local keynote speaker was Inmaculada Florido, an expert in international cooperation and CSR and strategic alliances in Action Against Hunger.


In Bamako,the speakers included Mr Tembely, a renowned Psychologist and President and founder of  Philanthropy Mali, an organization that assists in the construction of social housing for widows and the evacuation of children for congenital heart disease treatments.Mr Keita, an environmental engineer who specialises in sustainable development and is the founder of Action Map, an initiative that provides knowledge and management tools of WASH problems in the hygiene and sanitation sectors in Mali spoke to the audience.The last local speaker was Mr Coulibaly, an experienced computer developer and founder of an on-board system that captures the moisture content of the soil and indicates the water and fertilizer needed for crops. ESENE helps to reduce water use and increase harvests while giving a better living conditions of farmers living in the Sahel.


Mrs Winegar spoke about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Partnerships for the Goal that are, in short, about the partnerships forged by individuals, organizations, and businesses that seek to reach 17 specific goals that fall under the category of The Five P’s: Peace, Prosperity, Planet, Partnership, and People.

Jocelyn Nyaguse

Jocelyn Nyaguse

Communications Assistant: Africa

Jocelyn is a story teller at heart.She believes that storytelling is a critical way to share knowledge which adds value to our communities. Although now based in Harare, Joss has worked in various cities across the globe including Berlin, Leipzig, Durban and Cape Town.