To understand the present, it is always good to revisit the past. History always has a way of illuminating and explaining the current state of affairs. At times, a documentation of the past is a reminder of how far you have come and an inspiration to be better. While some use writing as a medium, these two individuals used photography. As Addis Ababa was changing, Nebila Abdumelilk and John Kaninda took to the streets and documented the appearance of the city as part of a project that has become the brilliant photo exhibition that was showcased at Impact Hub Khartoum.

Entitled Ubermorphosis:The Changing Faces of Addis Ababa,the work is a reflection of how the city of Addis Ababa has changed and how the old is giving way to the  new. The exhibition held in Khartoum drew a lot of attention and brought in Sudanese photographers, architects,urban development enthusiasts and media people. Nebila Abdumelik got an opportunity to interact with various people from different backgrounds which helped her formulate her own views on the city of Khartoum, where she is currently on her residency. The residency concludes in 10 days. Nebila has also been photographing different stories in Khartoum and Impact Hub Khartoum will have a full exhibition around her residency. Urbamorphosis will also be part of the final workshop of an exchange program in Kigali in the second week of December.

Take a look at images taken at the event.

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Jocelyn Nyaguse

Jocelyn Nyaguse

Communications Assistant: Africa

Jocelyn is a story teller at heart.She believes that storytelling is a critical way to share knowledge which adds value to our communities. Although now based in Harare, Joss has worked in various cities across the globe including Berlin, Leipzig, Durban and Cape Town.