The ICT sector in Zimbabwe is experiencing remarkable growth as the influence of ICT increases the world over. As other countries have started to incorporate Artificial Intelligence in everything they do, it is becoming clearer that for most to survive in the global village we exist in, it is essential to know how to utilise ICT. Many schools are beginning to incorporate skills into their curricula, with the help of various partners who are facilitating workshops and trainings on essentials such as coding and programming. Impact Hub Harare hosted a Coding Workshop for girls at Tynwald High School in Harare.

As part of a commemoration to Africa Code Week, the workshop was centered on exposing students between the ages of 10 to 18 to the world of tech and how important it is. As part of the program, the girls did various activities including Scratch, a program that helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively. Impact Hub also took this as an opportunity to teach on robotics game development and the importance of science.

Impact Hub Harare co-founder Tadzoka Pswarayi emphasized the role of women in the digital sector and how it is up to the young girls to take stand and go against the gender bias that exists when it comes to Tech based occupations, “We have been socialised to believe that they are certain tasks suited for women, and certain careers for men, we are targeting women specifically because there is gender imparity in the ICT. Women are left behind in technology and we want to demystify technology to girls from a young age and also to focus on women because we need to specifically target women to understand that technology is for everyone”, she said.

Initiated by the G20 members together with UNESCO, UN Women, ITU and OECD, #eSkills4Girls aims at tackling the existing gender divide especially in low income and developing countries. According to the organisation, the goal is to globally increase the access of women and girls in the digital world and to boost relevant education and employment opportunities. The recently held workshop was a resounding success and there are plans to expand into other provinces in 2018.

Jocelyn Nyaguse

Jocelyn Nyaguse

Communications Assistant: Africa

Jocelyn is a story teller at heart.She believes that storytelling is a critical way to share knowledge which adds value to our communities. Although now based in Harare, Joss has worked in various cities across the globe including Berlin, Leipzig, Durban and Cape Town.