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Meet Mark Bryan Boadi

Mark can help you get rid of your trash.

And make it beautiful…So beautiful you might want it back!

Mark woke up one day and he had had enough. His neighbourhood was so littered that drains were beginning to clog when it rained. His solution to this problem is not only simple and fun but also effective.  Recycling.  Mark brings plastic bottles to life, creating an energy source or decorative material through bottles he picks on the streets or receives from friends.

 Mark started a social enterprise, Team Governors International (TGI) in 2015 after realising the power of a proactive approach to problem-solving instead of constantly looking to outside forces for help. Mark believes that, “there is an underlying conception whereby we always think that somehow we need to wait for the government to do stuff. You can witness a passive expectancy in the community towards issues that we could potentially deal with by ourselves. As a social enterprise, our role in driving change is to equip the people with the skills to act and innovate.”

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The Project: “We helped a number of households save energy during the day and use it at night, while providing natural sun-based illumination through a refraction system. It’s quite a simple process. We cut rooftops and insert bottles filled with water halfway in and halfway out. Through the water, the sunlight outside is refracted inside the room, and, for instance, permits children to study and the adults to work. So long as there’s daylight outside, houses are illuminated 360° inside.” The team has have already installed two dozen bottles around the Osu area in Accra, Ghana and looks forward to partnerships that will increase impact into the greater Accra area.

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TGI is also creating vertical hanging gardens using recycled bottles. TGI makes use of the bottles by transplanting flowers or sowing new seeds and hanging them creatively with string. The team’s gardening creations recently attracted the attention of schools and restaurants across the city of Accra. “It’s a micro project that won’t solve the problem but will help us carve a path to a more socially-aware Accra,” Mark explains.

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Jocelyn Nyaguse

Jocelyn Nyaguse

Communications Assistant: Africa

Jocelyn is a story teller at heart.She believes that storytelling is a critical way to share knowledge which adds value to our communities. Although now based in Harare, Joss has worked in various cities across the globe including Berlin, Leipzig, Durban and Cape Town.