The correlation between innovation and impact has made it possible for people to solve the simplest problems in a remarkable and effective way. Muhammad Yunus’ solution to the influx of loan sharks and alleviate poverty in Bangaldesh was the Graameen Bank. The level of impact of this venture was so enormous it led to the rise of the world of micro-finance institutions. That is innovation at work. An international jury comprising social impact professionals from the corporate sector, representatives of international organizations, and serial impact entrepreneurs selected the global finalists for Accelerate 2030. Lets take a look at the Four African ventures disrupting the status quo and solving meaningful societal problems that were selected for Accelerate 2030.


PhotoGrid_1504640971971 HearX Group

There is a low level of awareness and resources to assist in raising awareness and helping with issues concerning hearing impairment in Africa. HearX Group is a game changer as the company seeks to provide affordable access to hearing care using digital solutions.


The education and technology sector of Africa as a whole could benefit tremendously through Syafunda. The South African Start Up not only facilitates mobile learning but also provides support, career guidance and university and

bursary placement. 


Land ownership and transactions are on the rise in Africa. With this has also risen the need for transparency and efficiency in the sector. BenBen is a blockchain powered facility that provides governments, financial Institutions, realtors and the general public instant access to property information through an easy to use searchable interface.


Road accidents in a large part of Sub-Saharan Africa is a result of negligent driving and the unsafety of public transport. Safe Motos was an idea birthed when one of the founders of the start-up was involved in motorbike accident! The online motorcycle taxi platform connects riders and drivers via the company’s mobile application and provides drivers with safety scores, and drivers must maintain a certain score to remain on the platform.

The best innovations come from a point of need. When one tries to solve problem that affects them or those they love, a series of events that lead to monetization are inevitable. We are ecstatic not only about this year’s finalists for Accelerate 2030 but also the fact that there are so many brilliant innovations and problem solvers emerging from Africa and beyond.

Jocelyn Nyaguse

Jocelyn Nyaguse

Communications Assistant: Africa

Jocelyn is a story teller at heart.She believes that storytelling is a critical way to share knowledge which adds value to our communities. Although now based in Harare, Joss has worked in various cities across the globe including Berlin, Leipzig, Durban and Cape Town.